A good garment

Why can’t the believers peel the skin of the hadiths to reveal the true fruit and have their thirst quenched for a moment? In that fruit they will find peace. The fruit that they may eat at the prayer house.

Read the hadiths regarding the good garments, and peel the skin:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Isbaal (wearing one’s garment below the ankles) may apply to the izaar (lower garment), the shirt or the turban. Whoever allows any part of these to trail on the ground out of arrogance, Allaah will not look at him on the Day of Judgement.” (reported by Abu Dawud, no. 4085, and al-Nisaa’i, no. 5334, with a saheeh isnaad).

Ibn ‘Abbaas reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah will not look at the one who wears his lower garment below his ankles.” (Reported by al-Nisaa’i in al-Mujtabaa, Kitaab al-Zeenah, Baab Isbaal al-Izaar).

Everyone has a cosmology from which they understand their religion and their life. A cosmology can be ugly or it can be a beautiful mandala. But all cosmologies are garments.

Mandalas are the order we create in understanding of religion and life. All is created by God, but we are unique in that our creation has the ability to actively create an understanding of God, however approximate. This creative understanding is a mandala.

But the mandala is psychological, as it comes from man. Mandalas are about self realisation through divine reflection in speech. They are about the self: searching and hopefully finding the divine names encoded within our body.

The people are often indecent in their understanding, revealing their sexuality to all on the streets! Indecent, their clothing of words is promiscuous, and we can see their ugliness bared naked. Some of these people are even preaching to us, almost naked, in houses of prayer. The hutbas are being delivered without any garment!

But what of the beautiful garments? In beautiful garments, there is also danger.

Some people weave a beautiful garment. The Sufis and the Kabbalists are such people.

The common Sufi cosmology: to frame the search as a grasping of the Real, a becoming the Real. This is a path, a personal individuation navigated by a mandala or cosmology.

To navigate the path by passing through the Divine Names as the Kabbalah instructs: the cosmology of the names taught to Jacob, the gates through which he sends his sons. Again, an individuation of the soul. In the surah, it is a satisfaction of Jacob’s soul.

But entering by different gate doesn’t avail us anything against Allah. Realising oneself as the Real doesn’t avail us anything against the actual Reality.

Because cosmology is situated within the human being, in language, and language is part of the fall.

Cosmologies are garments. Theologies are garments. Your thoughts are your garments. Your mandalas are your garments. The books are garments.

So we are to take our garments with us to the masjid. In prostration, our garments must also be in prostration. A cosmology must also submit in love to the master. The hands, head and feet must be in prostration. Take your garment to the masjid!

That is the garment of righteousness.

Garments conceal sexuality, sexuality was what Iblis revealed. Garments cover difference, the garments of the world is woven over difference. An ordinary garment hides your sexuality. But a righteous garment unifies and makes righteous marriage out of your sexuality.

To wear a righteous garment is to balance sexuality, balance the gates within the heart. Remember, the wife is a garment for the husband. So the righteous garment is balance over sexuality, it is a marriage of balance that conceals the Pleasure of the Heart.

There are many different forms of righteous garment, but all achieve balance between male and female and take the form of directed love, not promiscuity. Jacob’s garment has been spoken of, a garment he passed to Joseph.

The righteous garment becomes righteous only in prostration.

And so Jacob’s sons could not avail themselves against Allah, as they entered through different gates, each not in prostration. Separated from their father, untrue to his son and their brother, they formed a cosmology that did not yet prostrate.

So let those who profess to know, know this! Your mandalas should be worn to the masjid.

The meaning of the commandment to never drag the garment in conceit or pride. Garments of the world, if not taken to the masjid, can lead to the fire. Purification of the garment is only in the masjid.

Wear the garment to the ankle, exposing the ankle. The joints of the human cosmology enable the becoming. They are the angels that serve us. So don’t obstruct them with your garment.


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