The Seal of Prophecy


2 thoughts on “The Seal of Prophecy

  1. Beautiful. I especially like the way the images and narrative complement each other. The turning point I think is the bewildering even disturbing image of the “inverse mirror” (the one with the guy looking at a reflection of the back of his head) followed by the image of the symbols. The point you make that it is in the Final Revelation (the Qur’an) that the Divine Speaker makes direct contact with each reader is probably its single most significant distinguishing feature. Therefore when we call Mohammed (SAW) the “Seal” of the Prophets and the Qur’an the Final/Seal of the Revelations, in an important sense it actually marks the launch/beginning of another kind of revelation. Revelation and prophecy become democratised. The Qur’an and the *Event* of its revelation represents then a chiasmus from one era to another, from objectivity to subjectivity.

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