Seven questions for the Tailor

Isra and Mi'raj
Seven questions make for a mini-Mi'raj.
1) Do you believe in a concept of heaven & hell?

Yes, you might be surprised to hear that I believe in these concepts in the literal sense of an afterlife that you head off to as an individual self — in contrast to some mystics who will insist these things are merely states of being one-with-God/far-from-God that we can enter into right now. That said, of course I take all mysticism seriously.

2) Do you believe atheists will go to hell?

Only the ones that are unrepentant pedophiles, mass murderers etc. Richard Dawkins is presumably going to heaven because I suppose he truly loves both Darwin and Lilla Ward (his wife and former Doctor Who companion). If you love in the right kind of way — let’s call it “True Love” — even if you end up manifesting that Love through a temporary idol, no problem. Idolatry is only a problem when it becomes fixated and manifests a fascism of the soul, whose expression is Hatred.

3) Do you believe Allah is omnipotent and omnicient?

Probably not in the conventional sense meant by either of these two things.

4) Why did Allah bother creating us?

Because Allah is Time (see the hadiths) and Time requires a subject to move through it to an End: hence there are subjects that move forward in Time (that is, Life).

Another way of saying the same thing for me: because God is Love (see the Gospels) and Love requires a love story in which a lover to moves through ups and downs and eventually meets a happy ending: hence there are subjects that move forward in the Love Story (that is, Life).

Note that this is not a proper “reason”, but an equation that you can either take in faith or leave.

5) Have you ever experienced a paranormal event?

If you mean something that can be empirically validated to have violated the known laws of physics, then no. After all, “empirical violation of physics” is an oxymoron, no?

On the other hand, I have spoken directly to Elvis, and often find the Divine peeping out at me in the strangest of places (e.g., a perfume advertisement, a carton of milk, a piece of pop music, reading the “difficult” hadiths posted in anti-Islamic forums, listening to nutcase sheikhs on the occasions when I attend mosque and of course the things around me that I really, truly madly and deeply Adore). When this occurs, I write the result down in my blog and then proselytize to the world.

6) On a fundamental level, do you accept that you could be reading too much into things?

Yes. On a fundamental level, my idea of spirituality is as surplus or excess of meaning within all things, from chairs, to milk, to the good that is done, to the bad that is done, to warfare, to family, to the solar system, higher order type theory and to the Qur’an.

When one truly Loves another person, they perceive an excess, an overflow of meaning from their lover. To Love the world is to read it until its meaning overflows. To Love the Qur’an is to locate the source of this overflow.

This means I might well be deluded, but happily so. Unlike some sheikhs who attempt to restrict all overflow of meaning by definition. Their shariah restricts and binds all meaning, a sacrificed child of the Mind to the idol of objective reality. In contrast, my shariah derives from over-consumption of wine, though (in paradox) this is forbidden by itself.

7) Are you an extremely romantic person?
Yes, extremely.


3 thoughts on “Seven questions for the Tailor

  1. We try to understand Allah with our senses and intentions, this is not possible, if Allah is under ones senses and intentions, Hu is not Allah. I am really surprise how we try to find the will of Allah with our senses. Say Allah is one (creator of one), Hu is remain, no one create Allah nor Hu have any son or daughter and no one is like Hu. If I could write with my human ability about this it will take books and books but in the end no conclusion. So best part is belief. In Islam first you belief and then do resarch.


    Shuaib Yousaf

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