The Magic Mirror Game

The game's tagline: "Will you be the first princess to look into the eyes of your true love?"

The Professor blogged: just played two rounds of this with my daughter. At the beginning she was tempted to cheat as the rules are rather baroque. You play one of four princesses: Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty (of the Beast) and Cinderella. The board consists of a series of circular series of spaces, upon which a pink heart shaped card is placed face down. There is an electronic magic mirror at the centre of the board. Players take turns to throw the dice, proceeding clockwise or anticlockwise as they wish. When a princess lands on a space, she turns over the associated card and shows it to everyone: if it is an image of her designated princess, she get to “look” into the magic mirror by pressing a button. The mirror displays two images: a prince or the wicked witch. If they mirror shows the wicked witch (Paranoid Imaginary Mother), then the princess can’t keep the card — if the mirror reflects an image of the princess’s associated prince, then she retains the card of her own image. The winner is she who collects four images of their designated princess.

It’s a load of fun and, as my daughter now understands, most fun when one plays by the rules and employs intersubjective logical inference to develop strategies to return to spaces other players have shown to hold desirable cards.

Thoroughly recommended as a Christmas or Eid present for those special princesses in your life. It is available at Toys R Us or Amazon here.

The game’s tagline: “Will you be the first princess to look into the eyes of your true love?”


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