By Time’s gift my vagaries returned me

I sigh
And sigh again
A forlorn and hopeless sight
Bereft and abandoned
The city of my being, ruined.
The temple of my worship broken down into bittersweet melancholy
by time’s desire for the return.

But she had never departed, though I perceive only fragments.

Of her fragrance
That backward glance, that hidden recognition
Lies above the ribbons of my remembrance
And as they unravel,
she simply lies in slumber.

Suspended in darkness, I whisper this sigh:
Subtle One, descend upon my house
Subtle One, let your presence emerge between the awtad of my reality,
Subtle One, sealed locket of Creation, coded in all I create,
keep me from that danger,
Oh Superb Proof! Divine Majestic Mercy, maintain me in my seclusion!

And then, traced and tracked
I pause with purpose
Cut my base and establish points of submission
And offer my two sons in sacrifice
So that the unraveling might be positioned by tablets of stone
by a Prophet’s child bride
in my future, in my past.

Beloved Creator, your Truth has filled my subjective skull
And this helpless traitor has been assisted, devout and loyal.

Now I stand with the group beside the river’s test
And some drink fully of it
And some abstain
But I drink little, and so continue the march.
Pledged eternally now, I bow down before you.

Your Law accounts for my possibility: all this has been foreseen by your regent,
For rising up now, I comprehend that Lawgiver a second time, through the eye of my salat,
and understand my Holy limit, for milk’s burden encompasses all experience,
for milk’s relief encompasses all experience.

I turn my gaze outside the bedroom window, the streets are filled with snow
And see the moon has split in two.
Though we stand on the brink of dissolution, we bow down again
in comprehension that all possibilities past and future are known and foreseen,
for milk encompasses all experience,
for milk encompasses all experience.

I rejoice
And rejoice again
Grace and and strength combine within my sight
The diamond of formed praise and victory
The alien’s invisible regency over a people on the brink
Found and refined thus
by Time’s gift my vagaries returned me,
Comforted, confirmed and cleansed,
To the One True Faith.


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