The Porch

A new F.O.D. track. Here the Matronita Minor recites a beat manifesto for the Verandah Vanguard:

brittle earth in orbit came to ensure your rule
shimmering sun on the road broke down once but then found the jewel
depressed compressed ether in the black box of human concept
from pandora to schrodinger quantum faeries pay their rent

the people on the porch spoke to her the other day
they took her in and showed her this secret map that was so far away
from her form of normality, with fluidity serendipity
micromanaged friction fire devoid of vanity

ecstatic elders dance with their heads bent back to the source
she will follow if the text is read right sent back to the main-course
look up raise your hands that northern jewel reveals the rule
like snow white get out from your grave if you’re kissed you’re no fool


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