The 7×4

With the kind support of the Verandah Vanguard and the Critical Reading Group, I shall be running a regular discussion group, focused on Qur’an and associated narrations as well as related standard and nonstandard “mostly Ibrahimic” scripture.

The goal will be a dhikr through discussion: sharing how we each individually relate to the Final Revelation. The discussion will be open minded and free spirited, a break from tradition and a return to Tradition, discursive on the left hand, Loving on the right, confronting and deconstructive but, inshallah, ultimately always ascendant. A Book Club after the sunnah of Ibrahim, attempting to follow the 7×4 sa’ee of Prophecy’s wife.

The first meeting will take place at 11am on the 20th of June at (a) college of the University of London and successive meetings each fortnight thereafter.

We will be examining verses relating to Thamud and asking ourselves the question: “What does it mean for a camel to issue from the mountains?”

Required reading will be

  • The Qur’an 7:73-79, 54:23-31
  • The remarkably mystical tafsir of ibn Kathir on Thamud.
  • Participants are also asked to bring along any verses or ideas they have encountered regarding camels in scripture. (Walking through eyes of needles might, for example, be worth thinking about as well.)

    So if you are interested in participating, please email for further details.


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