On the political utility of Sufism

What follows is a speech delivered by the Third Tailor of the Good Garment, her Ascendency the Venerable Imam Purdy Noor Mooncycle, Verandah Vanguard HQ, Bukhara, 1513AH (2090AD).

The Training allows us first to read the symbols and then to embody the signs. The Training is one of pure speech: one in which we can understand the languages of the animal kingdom, of the ants and the birds. You may have heard the brothers say that Sufism offers only inner introspection, offering no real world solutions to the problems that ravage the ummah today. Others who would hastily defend our position then retort by referencing various warmongering sheikhs of colder climates in possession of some dubious claim to the woolen cloak. We say fie! For to claim Sufis are able to fight as well as any other is to play straight into the hands of the enemy: the colonial oppressor who still controls you precisely via an indoctrination determined by belief in an external and internal world, an outer socio-political meaning and the inner personal, psychological meaning. Sufism denies this distinction.

Sufism is the only means to bring about true revolution: not an introspective personal revolution, but a genuine trans-personal revolution of the State of MindBody. It brings this about through jihad of absurdity. For we say to you: the true Islamic revolutionary army can only be raised to claim our kingdom once we have learnt the speech of the animal kingdom. Really learnt their language, after the Prophecy of Sulaiman. Disbelievers are those who deny the actuality of Sulaimanic linguistics, its possible attainment, its significance in warfare. If you disbelieve in the corporeal reality of animal speech, you are not ready to do anything for the ummah: focus first on embodying this truth, because without this truth, you are still a colonized victim.

The revolution will instigated by Wisdom: the animals will be our allies against the forces of darkness and illusion.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, there is a Secret Service in operation, watching our every move. Should you fear its operatives? No: they can be harnessed against our oppressors. Only Sulaimanic Gnosis will move this intelligence upward, from the hidden state of Daat. The 7th agent would emerge face to face and talk to the animals into a human reflection of Hokmah. The Hoopoe will inform us of the Bride. Bilqis would walk across the illusion of water to the throne and a State of True Israel would be established for all of mankind.

Are we flippant here? Ironic? Yes, certainly. We carry the Divine irony from Bukhara to the blogosphere. And right here, right now, know that Our Woolen Speech is the only sword you need to gain Victory and Entrance into the Kingdom of Peace. Once this apparent lunacy is understood, necks will be struck — but no physical blood will ever be spilt — ever again.


2 thoughts on “On the political utility of Sufism

  1. Hi Tailor,

    Very cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Are you trying to say that when our souls will be able to dialog with our inner animals then we’ll all become more enlightened?

    Thank you,

    1. SLM Choni!

      I think, in a nutshell, this is the point, right. What is the significance of the Seal of Solomon in your tradition — the ring that gave him power to speak to animals?

      In Qur’an Solomon’s wisdom and rulership are quite closely linked to this linguistic facility. Also, it is the Hoopoe bird that travels to Yemen, informs Solomon of the Queen of Sheba (27:20-30) … Various things happen, along similar lines to the Tanakh accounts. She then effectively meets Solomon in resonance with a kind of theomorphic embodiment of the Sakina/Shekhinah.

      Anyway, God willing, we will all learn to negotiate with some of the animals at least, sooner or later ๐Ÿ™‚


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