The Porshee Foundation

We interrupt the Tailorite Tafsir for a brief baraka break. Please read over, and consider assisting, the great work being done by our friend the Jeweler over at the Porshee Foundation. They are doing innovative and very much ground based charity work (utilizing notions of micro credit) to assist the poor.

Charity = Creativity. Why? Because of the SKN in the Word of God: the miskin (the poor) and Sakina (the tranquility of Allah) and the dwelling place of rest for the people are all one: reception to the light that are capable, via the agency of creating-in-speech/action the Divine bestowal, of mirroring this bestowal outwards, we find that the miskin, the poor dwelling place of our mind, is activated as a perfect mirror and Sakina descends upon us, an immanent plane of understanding. Bestowal in reflection becomes the awareness of the bestowal from the above — charity to the poor is the self-aware rearrangement of the signs to realise our own poverty and gain true wealth through giving. If there is an implication to the Qur’an, it is this: give that we might receive, receive through giving.


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