Fernmind Unilectic Press

I’m pleased to announce that Fernmind Unilectic Press is open for business. Founded by yours truly under strict Tailorite principles, Fermind is a multimedia publisher whose primary remit is to disseminate propaganda work from the Verandah Vanguard (music, poetry and fiction).

Currently the site is selling an interactive fiction gamebook by a “Herman U. Ticz” who regular readers may remember from previous entries on this site. The book, which is R rated and is therefore not for everyone, makes a particular point about the human relationship with a certain book of Divine Revelation (you know, my favourite book). Both books are related in their use of the second person, a “you” who is situated within the narration, like a player wearing a virtual reality headset. The gamebook examines the levels of meaning and illusion that follow from interacting with such a headset.

I am in discussion with a more “conventional” publisher for my more “conventional” theology book, A Tailor’s Doctrine, fragments of which have been put on show here over the past year. But I expect Fernmind to also be the main venue for the unpublishably dense stuff, like the Ramadan commentary I was running earlier. And their next release will be the Friends of Design album, the Suficore group for which I write the beats and lyrics.

So please check out the site and check back occasionally for further developments.


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