Communication links

Hey fellow space cadets, this is your friendly neighbourhood T. here, with a couple of methodology/experiential notes I thought I might share with you:

– Think that the teacher’s just “you” at a later date, metaphorically.
– Turns out it was the case, no metaphor, in reality. But what’s reality?
– I asked her a broader question relating to the language, missing the point, he asked me a broader question relating to my language, missing the point.
– Think that the student’s just “you” at an earlier date.
– Turns out it was metaphoric, not reality.
– Yes, it’s one line, but it became seven just then in my mind.
– I played it out just then like a Hajaric to-and-fro.

– Missing the point. What’s the point, exactly? Communication gets specific, communication get specialized.
– But the breathing goes on. And that’s the trace of the Ancient Ones.
– The Long of Face?
– Precisely.

– Can you build us a model of this? And how much is it going to cost?
– Oh, I’ll get the job done. You talking 36 days or 3 years?
– In between, can you deliver a seminar on Science and Religion?
– “Or Australia might be ruled by Gadaffi.”
– What I mean is, the model will be built. But supporting documentation: will it be recorded?
– That’s what we call the Grace of Transmission, from the Long of Face to the Short of Face.
– The Kind of Transmission the Western mystics call “redemption”? “In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s Grace that he lavished on us with all Wisdom and Understanding.” Ephesians 1:7
– Precisely.
– Ah, of course: Wisdom and Understanding are the Mother/Father principle. The originary binary, the primordial dialectic. But not a dialectic of the flesh, a space in which there is absolute darkness (covering) and day (recovery), but rather the earlier Gods, yes, of course, those are the Ancient Ones (Freud was transmitting) they are the parents, the Causes, the Sun/Moon, the two eyes, the relativity of the Ineffable from which the differentiation/sublimation of the Body of Clay is formed.

This whole circuit is governed by their Daughter, Grace, running down, like Lightening through a reverse-Hajaric movement. An inhuman reversal (creation), of infinite Mercy, whose imprint then renders the fabric of space time moulded to her tracks, the Guidance. And that movement of Grace is the delivery of Wealth. And because there is Only One, the movement within the space of the Short of Face — is one of bestowal onto the Daughter’s signs, so that her signs within our cosmology, within the text of this page itself, becomes Illuminated. And her signs, their Illumination, are what is called the Blood of Christ. Wealth, via her tracks/the veins, is the Blood.

And that’s creation — and that’s redemption, both at the same Time — or, rather, within the wink of an eye — just quick enough for all the soul fragments to reaffirm, in Timesless Frenzy, their finite Loves and Loses in final supplication to the Truth of the Love. And that’s how One World comes into Being, and disappears, of and in Love.
– Precisely. But that’s a static view of communication, don’t forget. The Eastern mystics favour action.
– We don’t forget action here. But we’re all grown ups here, right? We can handle the ontology too.


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