Hijab again

If only they understood what “hijab” really means in the Divine Schemata of the Qur’an. We’ve forgotten so much. I’m near my last sigh with this forgetful people. I’m in despair: this wretched city and its false teachers, the ubiquitous silent consent to their banal blasphemy. Someone’s been at work here: after all, the best strategy to wipe all memory of her Wonder is to render ordinary the pages of Her Beauty within the minds of the citizens.

Hijab has nothing to do with women’s fashion or consumerism. Or even “modesty” in the commonplace sense.

Hijab is the nature of our relationship to Reality and Truth (al Haq). It is perception because all perception of Truth is through a veil.

Hijab is prescribed because we perceive always through a veil and we cannot escape perception. But to wear a hijab tailored according to the principles of the Deen of True Islam — protected under a sky-veil fashioned according to the sunnah of Prophetic perception — to see with Muhammed’s eyes and hear with Muhammed’s ears … That’s the hijab Allah gifts us, if we choose the straight path.


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