March hutba: evolution and union

A recently hutba given by the Rev. Immanuel G. Moon, your friendly parish sheikh, on recent problems in the East End of the City.

Darwinian Evolution and its incompatibility with Islam is again the news of the day, with the blacklisting of a well known evolutionist sheikh from his masjid (and yet another death threat lobbed his way) by his wayward flock and Harun Yahya gracing our shores to teach our children his belief system.

It’s easy for us to feel distant from that Lost City and its troubles, from our quiet vantage point in the Fadakian Counties, where God makes Himself Known, the faces are joyful and never angered within our temple, and the words of the Qur’an are still read and heard.

But charity is the nature of our True Islam, and so let us consider their plight in charity, channels of wealth, offered in obedience to iqra, at least, if not received.


First, let us make clear that Adam was not descended from a primate ape. Adam was formed from “sounding clay”: that is to say, from the waveform/matter duality, a substance whose essence is vibration and whose vibration is its substance.

He created man from sounding clay like the potter’s clay, And He created the Jinns from a smokeless flame of fire. (55:14-15)

Originally Adam’s form was just that: a hollow form, an originary vessel. In Sahih Muslim we find a hadith that Iblis would tap that vessel and would hear the vibration ring out, like a bell. That’s the vibration of Adam’s form. Its name is dormant Muhammed, the substance’s potential waveform (rising and falling, slavery and messaging). This is why the hadeeth tell us that Muhammed existed before Adam, before the Word “Be!”.

Then God breathed into Adam’s form, and filled him with the ruh, the breath of God. This filling up with Divine Breath was the activation of the Muhammedean principle within its form, and it ran along the outside and inside of the Adamic vessel, in that its life/becoming is the flux of the Muhammedean waveform, submission/messaging, the being unfolds as the breath breaths in and out. So the filling is a kind of awakening of clay, a breathing of life into the pottery, rather than a mere filling.

This original Adam was taught all the Names and existed above the Angels, in their submission to him. He was taught these Names: but the Names taught were learnable by the ruh. So they were undifferentiated, because the ruh knows undifferentiation (though it contains a primordial differentiation within itself, the Mother/Father inhalation/exhalation principle, the Freudian primal scene sanctified — the ruh expresses the breather whose secret is the space of undifferentiated Names). These are the Names of God, the True, Pure Speech, a speech in which there is no black and white, there is only Truth.

Angels are models of containment and form and so Adam-as-ruh exists “above” them, because his Speech, taught directly by God, is uncontained, unformed, unangelic.

There was a subsequent fitnah/catastrophe of Love, in that this Adam as a vessel became shattered: the moment Adam became Adam/Eve. It is not Eve that caused the shattering: rather, it was an overload of Love that resulted in this. God Loves so much that the vessel of Adam was unable to contain this Love, was unable to contain the Names and so exploded.

In this way, the temptation of Adam/Eve to taste of the tree ought to be read as a preordination of inevitable outpouring. They are instructed to stay away from the tree: but that instruction (and the temptation to taste of it) are placed by God in the knowledge that they will be ignored. This is not divine mischievousness. Rather, the tree, the instruction, the inevitable heedlessness: these are God setting something aside in Reality from the Body of Adam/Eve, whose speech ought to encompass everything (“not to go hungry nor to go naked, nor to suffer from thirst, nor from the sun’s heat”). Adam/Eve are in union with God. Isn’t this enough? No: instead, there is something in surplus. The possibility of fragmentation, the possibility that Love has such a surplus that it must overflow, that Adam/Eve must be shattered vessels into a space of differentiation, different voices, different colours, cultures, times, universes.

He broke into a fragments, shards, signs. And those fragments constitute and reconstitute our individual lives.

Adam/Eve are at the base of the tree and the shattering is the tree’s course. And Love is known through Prophecy, each Prophetic moment a fruit on that tree, each branch a fragment of that original Vessel.

This is why the secondary Adam, the human Adam is cast down (in the programming sense of casting of types) as a Prophet. Prophecy follows from the shattering: it exists because of, or despite of, the shattering of the pure Names into individual, differentiated signs.

You see, the ruh still runs through all the souls of the Children of Adam: though we are broken souls, though deception now runs through our lesser speech, a speech structured by angelic multiplicities. Yet the ruh is known, our Truth can be spoken and perceived — and through this we maintain individual linkage back into the original Adamic nexus, like the echo of a big bang, or a forecast of a bang to come.


The task of the Muslim is to repair the shards, to extract the illumination, the light of Love that could not be contained but exists as a kind of glue, binding each shard to the next and, consequently, comprehended when signs are configured to other signs in a particular fashion. This re-binding is called the straight path, to seek out and recover the Message of Love, the fragmented Names, the lost knowledge of the original unitary Adam, within the individual, multiplied human journeys of reading.

So, of course, it goes without saying, in the Tailorite Church we do not “believe” Adam came from an ape. Adam is a vessel that was awakened and contained the Love of God, became unable to contain that Love and exploded into the soul fragments we now call the “self”.

Without understanding this, we are not reading the Qur’an, we are doing something else. It is okay to do something else, but let us take the story of Adam’s formation/shattering back to current events:Anyone who calls someone a kuffar is a kuffar, and walks with satan, reliving the tree moment in minature. This is because satan is the “adversary”, pushing us to break unity with an evil, hateful word. To fall into an intoxicated space of differential adversary, of power/belief/religion/categories.

To live upon the shards of signs, and fail to repair or reconnect the edges and seek the Names. To fail to yield fruit upon your particular branch of the tree.

This is what the kafir constitutes, nothing worse — but nothing better either — and those who have called the sheikh a kafir for his interest in Darwinian evolution — they walk with Satan and are currently in a state of disbelief. They will recover their belief  at some stage, but perhaps only after “their” branch has been cut away and the fruits of reading return at along a different, earlier fork. That is to say, God may replace them with another people (9:39).

Kafirdom is contagious. Just as the glue of the shards suggests the Love, the falsity of their hatred (and the range of our possible reactions when presented with that falsity, from agreement to the desire to debate) pushes us in the direction of further dispersal, purging, branch cutting, fragmentation, chaos. God makes provision for this.

That is to say, if you were to debate evolution and Islam with these people, you will miss the point of Adam. Because you will enter into their mode of using language, which is not a Divine way of reading — it is a distraction, a satanic distraction from what God is trying to tell us. To debate with them is to forget Islam, literally.

Their mosque is unclean. Do not enter it, nor pray behind them.

They are not friends, so ought not be treated as such. They have cold hearts and do not understand the Qur’an: their ignorance is contagious. But honour your treaties and contracts with them.

If they (or your inner sorrow) argues with you about this, say “My God and your God are one”.

If they persist, then turn away from them and do not despair at their ignorance.



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