I’ve just heard that our friend Malihe is in hospital, after suffering a stroke. She is known to some who read here as Melissa/Oriontriquetra.

Please offer du’a for her speedy recovery: because du’a is for delivery into loving gnosis, and loving gnosis is Malihe’s character.


3 thoughts on “Malihe

  1. Tailor, Please send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery and please keep me up to date on her progress. If she’s able to communicate (even indirectly) please let me know. My regular e-mail is

  2. The following message is from Eric over at the W.O.R.K. forum:

    Dear friends, Bahram just sent a reply to us to the behalf of Malihe and himself:

    ” Salam and all blessing to all,

    Eric please give our regard and appreciation to every one.


    bahram ”

    with good wishes,

    Inshallah, baruch Hashem, she is on the mend soon.

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