This week’s hutba: True Islam

A recent hutba given by the Rev. Immanuel G. Moon, the friendly faced sheikh of Fuadfordshire.

True Islam is the religion of Life, not of Death. True Islam saves, it does not punish.

True Islam would never punish a man or woman with physical death. True Islam does not bring punishment. No punishment, no death in True Islam, for any reason: for apostasy, for adultery, in warfare.

There are interpretations of Islam and revelation, some are rightly tailored, some shaytanically manufactured. Manufactured interpretations: just a human fancy, not Reality. But the Islamic Truth is that Prophet Muhammed never killed another human being, and delivered a message of Life, of Love, not death. It is a human innovation (bidah) to believe he did anything else otherwise.

If you are not clear about why True Islam forbids all cruelty, then you can ask me and I will try to explain, as the teachers have explained before me. With respect to the Qur’an and the narrations, with their undisputed exterior appearance of cruelty: to Read them you need to be schooled in the language of Love, its genealogy of tropes and its bittersweet irony, to study everything its author has written before and after.

But, ultimately, we stand alone in our relationship to the Reading we call existence. it will be the experience of Allah that will lead you to know this Truth: ultimately it will be falling in Love that will lead you to know this Love.

If you really believe that Muhammed killed humans (and ordered harsh and cruel laws from a harsh and cruel God), it might well be that this is just because someone else told you this and you accepted it because you have been told this is part of Islam. As a non-psychopath, you have rationalised it by saying: “Oh, these laws can only be implemented in a truly just Caliphate — so in a way they are impossible to achieve in this day and age.” or “No — these laws are limits, extrema, a threat — the law always allows us to err on the side of caution and mercy.”

And so you continue to exist here, in the West, finding an uneasy compatibility between that extrema and this Western reality.

But such thoughts are an obstruction to the Truth. They are also a kind of bidah, obstructing the realization of True Islam throughout the lands and worlds. To live by that position is to live in the transitory, impermanent, false. Because the Law is the map of Reality, the Reality behind all obstructions, all forms of colonization, behind your false division of West/now from ideal/extrema. The Law is not an extrema of cruelty in an ideal political state. The Law is the Body of the Cosmos, Prescribing its own Reading in Love.

And this is the nature of what is Read, the Truth of our Islam: there is no Love but Love and Muhammed is its Slave and Messenger.


4 thoughts on “This week’s hutba: True Islam

  1. With all due respect sir, what you say is true because?…… You said it?

    “…it might well be that this is just because someone else told you this and you accepted it because you have been told this is part of Islam.”

    And so here you are telling us something different.

    1. From my perspective, which you of course are not compelled to accept, what is said is True because Allah says it, not “me”.

      That is, the following verse applies:

      “You killed them not, but Allah killed them. And you threw not when you did throw but Allah threw, that He might test the believers by a fair trial from Him. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower. (8:17)”

      “My” hutba is a killing off of the preconception of what “killing” means in True Islam. But it isn’t “me” that’s doing the killing here.

      There is a “test” going on here, from the believers’ perspective as well. What are the believers to make of these stones, being thrown in the above piece?

      Again, I emphasize I am not expecting anyone to accept this (least of all “me”): there is no compulsion in the Religion of Peace.

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