The third term

The master/slave dialectic is an endless power play that binds us to cycles of illusion, parliaments, revolution fascism, football team tribalism, hatred, violence.

But Muhammad was a man who got the dialectic right (sanctified it) by means of a sublime “third term”. In the Prophetic biography, the third term appears as Safiyah, wife/war booty of Muhammed, the child of Moses and Aaron.

Those brothers in Her configuration are known in Tailorism as the “diamond dialectic”, a victorious (dialectic) opposition/correction to the losing dialectic of Cain and Abel/parliamentary/linguistic politics.

You are all familiar with the diamond dialectic: it’s the black/white that allows the print of the Quran to be written, it’s the inhalation/exhalation that is required to recite.

And the Quran is another name for Safiyah, the spoils of war. She’s the Sakina that descends upon those who fought/are fighting that black-and-white jihad of Reading Her that She Herself refers to as the Battle of Badr. A sublime stance of Self reflexion and transcendent subversion of the hateful matter, the light encoded between black/white lines of discourse, terminology, sentence.

“But Allah did pour His Sakina on the Messenger and on the Believers.” (Surah at-Tauba, Verse 26)


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