Forgetful prophet = reciprocal feeding

Sahih Bukhari Vol.6, Bk. 61, No 558 Narrated Aisha: Allah’s Apostle heard a man reciting the Quran at night, and said, May Allah bestow His Mercy on him, as he has reminded me of such-and-such verses of such-and-such suras, which I was caused to forget.

Prophecy forgets the surahs of Prophecy, Prophecy forgets … (himself). It is only through earthly Reading that Prophecy remembers, it is only through earthly Reading that activates that supernal conduit, that the Holy Transaction may take place. Because Prophecy hearing is Israel’s shema, at night (because night is Transaction).

As we have recounted before, … likes to eat the tailor’s gourd offering.

Narrated anas: I went along with the Prophet to the house of a young tailor of his. The tailor presented a dish of Tharid to the Prophet and resumed his work. The Prophet started picking the pieces of gourd and I too, started picking them and putting it before him. Since then I have always loved (to eat) gourd. (Bukhari Book 65, “Food” Hadith 331)


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