The Cause and Effect

There are good reasons for why outcasts (be they EDL, Hackney youth, Kyrgizstani nationalists) riot, stomp and shout, burn and loot.

But to “blame” the violence on a “social cause” is not permitted, from Love’s perspective (Allah’s perspective).

And when they debate in their Fire, the weak say unto those who were proud: we were a following you. Will you therefore rid us of a portion of the Fire? Those who were proud say: we are all here. Allah has judgement between slaves. (40:47-48)

The Fire was lit long before any rioter put match to gasoline.

Now, does this actually mean that those who have rioted, stolen, beaten women, committed crimes within this city: do they really go to a burning hell forever?

No, they don’t “go” to hell. They persist within the Fire as we speak, and what facilitates their persistence is the cause-effect routine. This is a Shaitanic gimmick/mental contraption, where the self blames others for its woe, accusing others, desiring from others (because blame entails a capitalism of difference, of having/not having, and that entails accusation/desire, and that entails hatred).

The cause-effect routine is a contraption, a contraption of capital. It’s a Shaitanic dhkir that keeps people’s true Selfhood locked within a ghetto of blame and desire.

What’s the solution? Breaking the cause-effect, the blame dhikr routine. Ceasing to blame causes, universally.

The Qur’an always performs, it displays its meaning, physically embodying them, not as metaphors, but the Truth is given within each physical sign.

And so, literally, the Fire is one person blaming the other.
There Fire is nothing but blaming causes.

Because there is only one True Cause, and one True Effect, devoid of blame and accusation. It is called Allah, enunciating that message to us, in Love, of Love.


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