Ramadan Reading: a Few Notes on the Eighteenth Juz

Note 1: Believers

Surah 23 concerns the believers. The believers (H-M-N) are a soul-phalanx, stretching back generations, through which runs a line into security of belief (the prayer house).

Successful are the believers. The believers are submissive in prayer (23:1-2)

They have succeeded. Success runs through them: it is the line into security, it is the line brings about belief/security. How does success bring about security? Because it passes through prayer/submission.

Victory is success. Martyrdom is prayer/submission. These form the upper triad, the Musa-Harun complex, whose daughter of belief is security, Amina.

Her other names are truthful speech, pure signage, freed from all fascism, and charity (because her security is reception, it is Divine zakah):

And they who turn away from ill speech and they who are observant of charity. (23:3-4)

The lower triad of success/prayer/belief(security) is connected to the upper via divine marriage to Prophecy. The divine marriage is one of righteousness, or what we might call foundation or a mathematical basis, axiom system. This is the circumcised phallus of Prophecy’s speech:

And they who guard their private parts (23:5)

Which in turn is chaste to the wives (the four primary levels of the Journey) and what the right hands possess (excess of love, imitating God’s Love through temporary autonomous planes of immanence, karmic zones of Love’s release, realised across the phalanx of your previous incarnations):

Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed (23:6)

This is the cone of the universe unfolding: there is nothing beyond this:

But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors (23:6)

To seek beyond this perfect circuit is not to leave it, because the wheel of generation is inescapable: to seek beyond the Love that runs across your lifetimes, that is to seek beyond generation itself. This is a sexual identity, fixed, one of the sexual fascist, back to back eternally. And that transgression, one of sexual identification, this means he turns his back upon her — and become disconnected from transmission, each orb takes an inverse and nothing connects. And “he”, the fascist, disappears: there is no generation, he never even existed, within that phalanx of souls. A beyond, a transgression, more: this is illusion alone.

He never existed. He is outside the generation process, which is prayer, which is maintenance of prayer across ages, ungenerative. He does not inherit, because he never existed, was never created (like a time paradox of the man who kills his own grandfather):

And they who carefully maintain their prayers – those are the inheritors, who will inherit al-Firdaus. They will abide therein eternally. 

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