God ordaining crucifixion

What kind of God ordains crucifixion for treason?

The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and His Prophet and make mischief in the land, is to kill them, crucify them, or cut off a hand and foot on opposite sides. (5:33)

This is not to be read as an ordinary legal punishment: instead, as a law of (meta-)physics, just like the law of gravity, only concerning the system of the soul as it relates to your Real body (not your biological form).

Furthermore, it should not be read as a linear temporal, causal sequence (do wrong, get punished) — but, like the rest of the Qur’an — trans-temporally.

You’ve got a Prophetic core to your true self, and you have components of your wider self that are either in harmony or rebellious to that true nature.

The meaning of the verse is: those aspects of your selfhood that wage war against your innate (Prophetic) nature are, by their very nature, killed — that is, temporary perturbations of the wider Love from which we source our being.

That is,

psycho-spiritual rebellion against our innate Prophetic nature of Love = killing = falsity = temporary flux = dukkha = suffering = impermanence

So the rebellion is not so much punished (causally) by dukkha/killing — the rebellion is dukkha/killing.

And dukkha is the crucifixion of Christ. Because God’s Love descends into matter, and that is the messiah, but is sublimated to matter’s suffering, the Christ of Light suffers in the dukkha/impermanence of darkness. The material forms of interpretation, in particular, the possibility of reading this verse in any other form than this — are crucifixions of that Christ of Truth.

… or cut off a hand and foot on opposite sides. (5:33)

A different perspective on dukkha is given: it is is the result of disruption of the diagonal conduits: between either

  • the right hand of Love/Hesed and left foot of Submission/Hod. Where there is a disconnect between God’s Love and the Submissive characteristic of the human: and so Submission (immanentization) is taken without Love’s Grace, and shuts down, creating a universe of worship without Love, Slavery and religion and dogma — vacated of Love.
  • the left hand of Judgement/Gevurah and the right foot of Victory/Netzah. Where is a disconnect between the differential fabric of reality (Judgement/Shariah) and Victorious reception/revelation of God’s word: that is, where there is no reading of the signs (that exist within the fabric, that are the fabric, that are differentiated) of the Qur’an, and hence no Victory, no revelation, no hearing of God, deafness.

Again, these punishments are not temporal — they are definitions of rebellion, of falsity, of dukkha. And they will pass: the ordination is that they will pass. There is a crucifixion. But that crucifixion is a illusion — it only seems so. Because it is Christ crucified by semblance, by simulacra, by illusion, by mara.

After crucifixion there is resurrection.

What kind of God ordains crucifixion for treason? A God who’s Love flows through, downward, into dukkha, that suffers impermanence through us, alongside us, a God of Love that we return to, in Love, by means of this punishment, through realising our Prophetic nature, which is the ebb and flow of Love itself, read from Love into Praise and Judgement into Victory.


One thought on “God ordaining crucifixion

  1. Subhanallah, brother. This makes much sense out of a question which has plagued me for a long time, along with every other seemingly violent and hateful action in the Qur’an. Thank you for shedding light like this.

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