Fieldnote #1: Getting some perspective

The nature of life is such that there’s always a tendency to get emotionally involved in the activities that we find ourselves engaged in: whether working as a clerk, a teacher, a director, a housewife, a political activist, someone going down the cornerstore to purchase some milk, etc.

What do I mean by emotional engagement? I mean an embodied, non-cognitive, reflex reaction to the stimulus being projected before your eyes, the input sent into your head. Colleague acts up and you feel tense, riots on the streets of London and you feel edgy, UN doesn’t act in what you consider a just manner so you feel angry, just burnt the roast so you feel upset, want tea so you feel need for milk, etc.

And when faced with a sensory overload of input, emotional engagement also typically goes into overload with the net result being a distinct lack of happiness.

At such times, it is important to get a grip. If you stand back a moment, you will see that the activities into which you have been thrown constitute a particular game into which you have been reincarnated. A flesh game – known as your current life – played out on the hardware of your body, society, workplace, home, cornershop, etc. But one game in a bifurcating rhizome of interlinked games, through which your soul passes. What we call a soul token through the cosmic business process workflow (or, if you like, a piece on the monopoly board of reincarnation).

The only reason why your soul token is currently located/housed within this juncture/game/location/embodiment is so that it can acquire wealth – not material wealth, but spiritual wealth, the wealth of Divine gnosis, living the living God Allah. This knowledge is ultimately a borrowed loan, because there is no knowledge/banker but the Knowledge/Banker – however, the goal is to reconcile our scattered debts (indirect debts, mediated through the matter/shells of intermediate banker-images/taghut) into a direct, single mortgage of the cosmos.

And getting a grip is important, because it’s the way in which you can receive your dividend of gnosis: by understanding the trope of the game before you, the activities into which you have been thrown, by grasping the meaning behind the metaphor that God is currently playing into your head … And when this meaning is grasped, you gain power over your current reality, with the ability to hack the stone of your throwness to release the waters of your authority, flowing, not in stasis.

Getting a grip does not mean turning away from the context into which you have been thrown — it does not require you to become a monk — unless, of course, you have found yourself incarnated in the “being a monk” game. It just means moving from the embodied, reflex response, to a spiritual response. Or, to inverting the definitions, shifting from a symbolic/material response into reconstructing a Body/Tree with limbs that will act according to their True Function, projected (running up and down) into matter.

A side effect of this is that you will find yourself happier in your current location on the workflow/monopoly board, because, whatever currency that dividend is received in, it always takes the form of a theophany of Love, to be individuated into your own beatification/reconstruction of your soul stairway (the construction of your own unique straight path to God Allah). Because Love is all that is, was or ever will be …and the becoming an individuated path is slavey and messaging to Love.


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