Dear reader,

After some thought, I’ve decided to place this site on hiatus.

I will probably update with Friends of Design songs but will refrain from the tafsir for the time being.

Best wishes and thanks for your support these years,

The Tailor


4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I am an undergraduate in Philosophy and English (Global Culture), as a Muslim and as an avid reader of theory I thoroughly enjoy your posts and thank you for them. Just out of curiosity, why the hiatus?

    1. Well, thank YOU for reading!

      My main reason for the hiatus is that, since I left academia for the private sector, the blog has become a bit of a burden in terms of effort and time and, to be honest, it all makes less sense to me now I’m a) no longer a professional philosopher and b) can no longer countenance contesting orthodoxy within the space of Quranic revelation. I’m in the final throws of divorce, the bit where I let go.

      But there’s a solid trace of my former life here, and I’m happy to leave this footprint in the electronic sands of this blogger’s beach.

      All the best with your philosophy studies – Islam needs more thoughtful and reflective brothers, more than anything else.

      The Tailor

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