Chapter 21

Chapter 21.

A nother brother.

Again they never got over it man. They ain’t never been the same, man. You know that I’ve been back in streets the canny thing about the money investment scheme is that someone actually give a dame by dear but then you always knew didn’t you? A school unto itself this kind of voice is a bit of a channeled voice don’t you think … then again, you always were one to try this again and again? Feeling seedy? Or else, but the words come out well.

“It was during this month that an essential distancing is reached between the intellectual and personal spheres of Freud and Jung.

A distancing that was to continue until the end of their lives. Freud felt that Jung was becoming increasingly commercial in his songs, penning, with the express encouragement of Mrs. Freud, “How can you sleep?”, a biting criticism of the Jungian one. Jung is fuzzy, a deliberate …

And so the bloody text goes. Verbal stomach-upset. But, all the same, Freud is the gorilla of the space, a real alpha.  It’s like … one is the top alpha male, and the other is definitely lower in the kingdom.”

–        Immanuel G. Moon, December 2001

But does that mean that Jung is an illegitimate father of his former teacher and collaborator? No, he too is a gorilla. Planet of the apes is not meant to be an allegory – at least, if you want to take a more amusing reevaluation of it. It is our planet. (!) Our planet, after a particularly lousy rave.

 Loop back. Watching Freddy’s Nightmares … getting scared … but eating popcorn.

He licked his lips nervously, surveying the patch of rival rhymers and their unwelcome kin. Dwarves and spirits they were, internally. By the swell of moonlight, he could just as well make out their real, paranoid forms. He opened his mouth, as if to say something, but then, at least, closed it in the realization that this was the end of the story.


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