Revolution and protest

In my religion, we never support revolution or ferment protest.

We work within the system, infiltrating it by satisfying its laws and constraints, by living its lives and speaking its language. It’s not a case of changing the system from within — change isn’t the point. We bring liberation to the system by being its blood, by running through the veins of its structures, a Tree of Life virus. This is not change, it is life.

We therefore do not support the revolution, we do not support revolutionary change — instead, we support the system, we are its pillars of support.

There will be a time for us to leave, inevitably: at that time, we petition for release, by invoking the contractive sign of the Womb, and then depart, and life ceases to flow through that body, moving into a new system. While the new body is neither better nor worse than the previous, we are resurrected in new cycle of recitation within that new body, with a trace and memory following, so that the voice of recitation is stronger, louder, clearer, complicated.


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