The concept of spiritual leadership — the prophet, the teacher, the philosopher, the priest, the mediating messenger of God — is an obstacle we place before our relationship to Love. The image of a revelation imparted to a figure (whether a human or a psychological component) is maya.

Historically situated leadership: the stories of past figures who brought religions from God into the world. Illusion. The stories become internalized — the “inner messenger” of the self, prophetic “archetypes” that can be accessed to guide us on a path. Falsity.

Leadership is none of these things. Leadership is not a static figure or entity.

For True leadership is thought itself.

All thoughts — good, bad, profound, banal — embody the quality of spiritual leadership. Because thought’s Truth is that thought, separate from its subjection, is the Holy Spirit, Guidance.

In descent from the supernal Mother to the resembling womb of the earth, operating across the branches of the virtual machine that is the tree of life, blood through veins, light through cable. And in ascent, so that by two lengths, it arises, reborn, from the her earth into the waters of absent origin, the Face of Love that is its source and meaning, refracted and reflected.

Thought is the Guidance, from the Mother-Father waveform to the Intellect the Son.


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