How to face the Cube

The Cube is significant to the practice of reciprocating Love.

The practice involves a sequence of exercises. The subject reflects, meditates upon the sequence and run of her thoughts: so that the underlying Cube that drives her thoughts forward becomes apparent. It is like her thoughts are a car in motion, become transparent, so that the car’s engine is revealed through its body: this is the Cube that drives her thoughts forward.

The Cube is not a static geometric or architectural entity: it is microcosmic, like the concepts of superstrings and quarks in physics. And like subatomic particles, the Cube has aspects, sides, with macrocosmic/anthropomorphic names. But these names have very little to do with their macroscopic meaning and might preferably be given purely mathematical symbolism. The names designate kinds of motion, kinds of interface, that underlie the fabric of all thought, of all reality. Its sides are interface in motion, and the subject’s meditation extends to comprehending the Cube’s motions that drive her meditation. These motions are an interface between the upper sude (victory) and the lower side (martyrdom), the dialectic of her meditation as discourse in negotiation. These motions are an interface between the right side (love) and the left side (law), the meditation as descent and ascent from love into matter. These motions are an interface between the front (aperture) and back (conduit) of the Cube, her meditation as procession and transmission of love into matter via the dialectic of meditation as capital exchange.

The subject in meditation, reflecting upon her meditation, encounters the Cube as it drive her meditation forward: this is called “facing the Cube”. Meditation proceeds by virtue of this orientation: it’s an integral opening exercise within meditation.

The Cube becomes a living, breathing mechanism: an intelligence, a God engine, it hovers before the subject like a vision, it is comprehended by her inner sight, emerges from her thought, it maintains and encompasses her thought. Within the machine, the Lady is located. These motions produce the net result: the Lady appears, in thought, through thought, thought.


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