What are angels?

Angels are forms of thought: entities that abide within the realm of thought’s formation. They are thought-forms.

When Love of the Cosmos speaks Creation, it does so though forms of thought: a filtering process occurs. Similarly, when Creation reciprocates Love, that speech is formed in thought.

Within what I say, there is the fantasy image, the body of limit names that exists above forms of thought, that contains and comprehends these forms. Within this fantasy image, the body is known as the son, born of the father-mother waveform. The son’s mind comprehends all thought-forms.

This fantasy itself is thought, formed. And so is the son, born of the father-mother waveform, but resonating within the fragmented realm of matter, below form, resonating as a form. It is a fantasy of total comprehension, but resonating within a unique form. Meditation upon the fantasy son is the means by which resonance occurs, by which the son emerges and its crucifixion within matter is revealed to be a lie: this emergence is reciprocation of Love, speech echoed by a unique form thought.


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