The Way: Part 3

Not to honour men of worth will keep the people from contention; not to value goods which are hard to come by will keep them from theft; not to display what is desirable will keep them from being unsettled of mind.

All sign regimes, all systems of valuation (of reading and of action) lead to fascism: this is self evident. But valuation is present within each set of signs, including this verse, which is why it ironically parades itself in the garb of a dictator’s advice.

The verse is blameworthy: it contains a worth that postures as unworthy. Its facade appears commonplace and political, as a deterrent from theft. Because, fundamentally, the truth, in full exposure, leads to conflict and confusion, discord and hatred.

Therefore in governing the people, the sage empties their minds but fills the bellies, weakens their wills but strengthens their bones. He always keeps them innocent of knowledge and free from desire, and ensures that the clever never dare to act.

The apparent (self-blameworthy) fascism is one of the sage in relation to the people of the city, the identities of the regimes. Governance refers the Kingdom of Christ. The governance is eternal fact, not sequential rules. Thus valuation is empty: but the belly (womb) of the (bee) signs are filled with honey of the uppermost heaven, undistilled. Will is weak, but the bones of the original Body (the conduits of Light’s transmission, the transmissive circuitry of the sephirotic tree) are strength, reality, the means to production. The identities are innocent of knowledge and they are free from desire, inasmuch as desire is illusion. The “clever” is the trickster archetype, Loki, whose main trick is to play the role of trickster within the blameworthy pantomime of totalitarian governance.

Do that which consists in taking no action, and order will prevail.

The impossible action is rendered possible by means of (blameworthy) obfuscation. This is the irony of Divine Love, manifested.

The verses have a life and a form: that of a woman, that of rain from head’s mind into orb. And condensation, into bone. Who are the people? They are Moses’ people.


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