The Way: Part 4

“The way is empty, yet no use will drain it.
Deep, it is like the ancestor of the myriad creatures.” (Tao, 11)

The way is Maternal Void, in that she is always an absence, yet infinitely generative. The womb is an orb whose inner vacancy creates other orbs, like energy signals around the edge of a black hole, chains them together to form ancestry in signification.

“Blunt the sharpness
Untangle the knots
Soften the glare
Let your wheels move only along old ruts” (Tao, 12)

These lines describe this ancestry, or rather the ancestral trace. Love (bluntness), co-dependent on logic (the knife). Denial of identity (untangled) co-dependent on the knots of revelation and self affirmation/identity. The light of Husband, dispersed into the blackness of the Matronita via the softening function of communication (the soft

These are 6 orbs. Their co- predication gives rise to the cycles of karmic wheels, turning, repeating the archetypes in conflict until balance/correction is made, and the Son is restored in full.

And yet – that’s the theory. Because, untangling the knot, blunting my sharpness, softening my speech … It’s already here, in full:

“Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.
I know not whose son it is.
It images the forefather of God.”

The future’s already here, complete, understood by ancestral mediation.


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