War and bodies

Another perspective on what I wrote regarding the spiritual subject and war as symbolic action.

What I failed to acknowledge there was that there is also a religious subjectivity that is intimate with war: inasmuch as

  1. religious subjectivity entails the existence of physical bodies and
  2. war requires a contractual agreement that physical bodies exist, signed between warring parties.

The biological subject is a religious subject, and vice versa. From the circumcision to consumption of the wafer, from the codes of hijab to the rites of the fast and prayer, the religious subject embodies a bio-habitus, physically, observable. Religion is a sexual code, a symbolism inscribed upon the body.

The “Sufi” reading I gave attempted to decentre the primacy of the physical body, by hyper-literalising the Islamic religious text. This fundamentally requires a leap of faith — or, more precisely, a sublimation of the bio-religious subject in favour of a hyper-literal (neither physical nor metaphysical) Prophetic consciousness. I substituted the fantasy of a fall from Prophetic perception — in place of an historical lineage between the physical origins of the text (wars) and my reading.

But this sublimation and consequent substitution were themselves only proxies. What was I really, ultimately, suppressing, through my proselytizing the hyper-literal Prophetic subject? Not the bio-religious subject as a philosophical concept — but my own sexual desire for ownership of the bio-religious body. The motive for decentering biology is biological: the motive for arguing against religious literalism is literal desire for the religious body

The character of my substitution — from historical authenticity to a fantasy fall from Prophecy (more accurately an idealised schizo metonymy of divine substitution, Prophetic unfolding)  — is partly self-aware of its sexual context, in Tantric terms. Nevertheless, its ploy is ownership of the physical body through its denial: that physical body, its repression, is what gives rise to my pleasure in uttering substitution inasmuch as the substitution is substitution for the physical.

So my hyperliteralist Prophetic war fantasy that denies physical bodies — is underwritten by a very literal war, driven by desire for (religious) bodily capture.


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