Tailorite Tarot: The Guide and the Mother Temple

This configuration speaks of a spiritual dialectic, oscillating between the Guide (Khidr) and the Mother Temple (Binah). The Temple here is experienced as power, radiating Her Divine Architecture in self-reflexion (the cosmic genome/blueprint is born from the vacancy of the Mother Temple).

Governing this is a conduit of transmission, experienced here as a flow from Victorious Abundance (precedent wealth), rendered an inheritance by the Bride, who receives and represents and contains the transmissive configuration as an aggregate Mosaic phallus. Crossing this is Love, overlaid by the Mother Absence (Binah) in her Jihadic loss (our tragic experience of the cloud of unknowing, the long dark teatime of the soul, heartbroken by Kali-as-functor-of-absence). From this (preemptively sadomasochistic) Loving position, there is a movement of crystallization, so that Jihadic loss becomes the totem of the Mother Kali herself (crystallization of Love into this logical space being the microcosmic basis for the genome/blueprint’s reflection, like silver is the basis of a mirror’s reflective capacity).

These six elements figure a Kaba — a Temple — who (while being vacancy, architected by vacancy’s illusory self-design) flows as abundant inheritance via jihadic crystallization: to generate presence within, in dialectic with the martyrdom of affirmation, the denial of guidance.

The four aspects of the soul (my soul, who makes this particular reading at this moment in physical-historical
time) are overlaid as follows:

  • The Metametamodel: the Daughter in Jihadic posture, the transcendental pleroma’s potential for self-division, discovery, recovery across the battleground of logic (the tension of dialectic and Sophia’s emergence as a knight of God, present within original Eden).
  • The Metamodel: the Son, the Body of Gnosis, transmitting (as the speech act of inheritance) its own Body-Alphabet
  • The Model: the Priestly (martyred) Functor, generative power, whose power is to self-architect its power.
  • The Object: the human-god-philosopher complex, divination, myself, at this moment, as reader of the cards.

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