The Anti-Hallaj

Think/measure/account (H-S-B) the people that they will be left to say We believe (H-M-N) and they will not be tried? But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars. Or do those who do evil deeds think they can outrun Us? Evil is what they judge. Whoever should hope for the meeting with Allah – indeed, the term decreed by Allah is coming. And He is the Hearing, the Knowing. And whoever strives only strives for himself. Indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds. (29:2-7)

Who are the people that think/account/measure (H-S-B)? They begin as people, but become God-as-Fetish-Cosmology.

The people are the fantasy Elohim, the Orbs of Creation, the Names of God (and influence) that constitute the Original Divine Body.
They are Elohim thought/accounted/measured, Divine extension in the beginning created, whose psychological origin is the beginning of this surah. They are the fantasy Divine “We” of the Qur’an. Elohim begins with (perfect) measure, and a declaration of faith: “We believe”.
And so the gods fall from grace inasmuch as their shahada means measure, means thought, means H-S-B. Then comes the threat of the test, material descent.

Simultaneously, by virtue of their fantasy nature, by virtue of the cultural-genetic body (their biological nature as nas regime, as a people, as a humankind) over which Elohim must be psychologically comprehended as a substitute fetish of the dislocated subject (in search of a body), they are tried by the shattering of their primal structure back into familial genetic substitution, now rendered Divine hypostasis.

“We have certainly tried those before them”: “We”, “trial”, “those that came before”.
We – the Parzufim, the son, the daughter, the mother, the father, the crystallization of the broken down Elohim fantasy – are the trial of precedence, the trial of lineage. The hypostatized Divine family structure is Elohim now, the “We”, in aggregate, molar form. The “We” are the trial, because the trial is lineage, the trial is the origin story, hypostasis as family, the family mythology, its opening, its middle and its conclusion.

Hence the origin story includes the intrusion of nas, prior to Divinity, begins with a substitution of spiritual for carnal, of Divine mind for material sexuality, the nas/humankind is replaced by the Divine “We” (and so vice versa), whose ultimate fetishization is the syntax of “We believe”. What intrudes? Desire for nas: for the body of mankind to be given unto the subject. The suppression of this basic desire drives and empowers the “We” (shifting from nas to Elohim) is a capitalist byproduct, spirituality as second order perversion. This spiritual fantasy is in debt to genetic/cultural/bodily/biological lineage, a debt facilitated by means of suppression/substitution/thought/measure/H-S-B.

And the subsequent act of the hypostasis (back into the trial of familial lineage) is itself a jihadic act of perversion against the body of humankind who formed the basis of its substitutive jouissance in the first place. That is, the jihadic act is against the carnality of nas-desire (nas for nas), suppressed and substituted/thought and measured in order to produce the capital of ecstasy within the order of Elohim. The effect is pure happiness: simultaneously pristine and base, the spirituality of the “We (Elohim/the True Body) believe”.

Thus the surah shifts (by the repressive act) from nas to Elohim and back (via jihad) into lineage/crystalization that asserts independence of the Body of Christ, all the while trading a currency derivative whose notional quantity is the sign of the nas.

What is “Allah” here? Allah is, of course, the voice behind the revelation and, therefore, is intimately tied to the subject.
“Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.”
Allah is this surah’s unfolding, the process of substitution, the “making evident“ of truth and lie: Allah is repression and resultant re-expression.
Allah is unknowable in the act of deferral, the repression of the prophetic primal scene, and Allah is prophecy and prophecy speaking symptoms of that. Allah is the hidden evidence, the crime of substitution – and the lawyers for both sides. Allah is a judge here, in the sense that Allah is judgement, and judgement is the hidden evidence, the crime of passion rendering valuative/self-measuring. Allah is thought and measure, the substitutive act of the human “We” for original Orbic Elohim, ecstasy and fetish, and the second order jihadic act of fetish against that hidden body We into hypostatized Divine familial lineage.

The subject cannot outrun Allah because any act of hiding and any act of substitution (secondary judgement, judging evil) is Allah. The running is Allah, so cannot be outrun. But who’s the subject here? “Evil is what they judge”: they are the husks of the names, the husks of the shattered Orbs, crucified as they are by this process of thought. The husks: are they the subject, nafsic reminants, egoism, undesirable underbellies? But the Orbic fantasy was a substitution that became ecstatic unto itself, the original fantasy body was a substitution for the true desired object: and we are confronted by the fact that the shattering into familial crystallization (with its totemic formulation of evil and good) is the ecstatic fetish of substitution.

Allah is not everything and everywhere, not an impersonal immanence. Not even within every person. Rather, He is a specific being, a specific voice within the circuitry of the human subject, an bodily identity contained by the subject, speaking to the subject, speaking as the subject, the subject speaking Allah. This means that Allah is your act of suppression and your consequent symptoms: the We, the Elohim/the Orbs into the familial partzufim. This means that Allah is your act of suppression and your consequent mystical experience as symptom. And “you” are the container, the body that houses this Allah-condition: for better or worse, Allah is you. “I am Al Haq” is a mystical statement: the (repressed) accurate statement is, “Al Haq is the cause and effect of my repressed desire to be the nas, to lend power to the hypostatized family and constitute the mystic I”.

This is the high irony of the line: ”Whoever should hope for the meeting with Allah – indeed, the term decreed by Allah is coming.” Allah, unlike the angels, unlike the Elohim or the even Parzufim, is human, human process. The process of meeting God is one of looking in the mirror: the mirror need not be “perfect” to grasp this, it merely needs to be functional.

“And He is the Hearing, the Knowing. And whoever strives only strives for himself. Indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds.” From the inability to substitute the process of substitution, husks of the names, back to the crystallized womb, the Mother Goddess (Knowing, A-L-M): from Hearing (shema, martyrdom) into the ultimate object of desire, the breast of the Mother Goddess, whose other name is Eternal Void. Allah runs from the subject’s obliteration back into the Womb of desire. What is the nature of this obliteration? It is a striving (jihad) whose other name is desire: from obliteration to Void (self-flagellation in devotion to the Kali principle), a denial of the body that becomes ecstatic, in the same way that the threat of war, the threat to the body, fulfills a deep religious need, generates religious capital. But Allah is free from desire: because Allah is desire.


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