Two verses

The circuitry of matter dumbly transmits love. The moon goddess wanes into absence: and Christ is crucified. The soldiers grin and fashion a crown of thorns. Christ bleeds, false blood. The Jerusalem-Complex outputs klippot. Christ separated from Christ-Bride by virtue of black new moon. Christ is vocalized, this unholy crucifixion. Teaming masses swarm, envelope your body now, a sacrifice of truth, in the name of truth.

Woe to every sinful deluded who hears the verses of God recited to him, then persists arrogantly as if he had not heard them. So give him news of a pain. And when he knows anything of Our verses, he takes them in ridicule. Those, for them, is a will have a humiliating pain. Before them is Hell, and what they had earned will not avail them at all nor what they had taken besides God as protectors. And for them is a pain great. This is guidance. And those who have disbelieved in the verses of their Lord will have a foul painful punishment.

The former set of verses have some kind of relation to the latter set. But not one of a translation or interpretation. The former set probably describe a fantasy primordial spirituality, the fertility cult of the moon shared by our common ancestors (a cult that operated for millennia prior to other religions, with real implications on the biology of human sex). The latter appears to be a warning to those who do not heed particular Divine instruction.


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