Before and after

Before there was an Allah, there were her lips, breathing that tantalizing takbir,
Before Medina’s boundaries were mapped, before the Cube’s dimension defined, there was her body, whose definition aroused desire, desire manifest as mapping.
And before there was jihad, and before the myth of Eden, and before the creation,
There was a universe of sex, the victory of recognition, the oblivion of need,
The first movement, 20 and 1.

And after the war is lost, and after Divine sharia forgot,
after the boundaries of Medina erode and the dimensions of the Cube are denied
So that all that remains is her face: those lips, who continue to assert affirmation, deeper, sterner revelations flow freely, now the veil of our understanding is abandoned.
The flash of dark Asiatic recognition remains, the victory and oblivion of need,
The 10th movement, 30 and 1.

The economics of sex and interpretation, of contracts and religions: all the way, throughout,
My underlying, my Kazakh gold, my diamond, my currency, my sweetest speculation!
I would decorate you with the profit of my meditation:
Universes born and die, Adams and Eves repeat and repeat,
But throughout the cycles of movement, the shahada is whispered, the truth of our matter and mind.

There is no love but our love
and this night is its slave and deliverer.


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