Rape of Slave Girls in the Religion of God revisited

I was going to write an apology regarding my flippant tafsir of the Prophetic narrations regarding gang rape. Hadith like the following don’t seem to be so funny to me these days:

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported that at the Battle of Hunain Allah’s Messenger sent an army to Autas and encountered the enemy and fought with them. Having overcome them and taken them captives, the Companions of Allah’s Messenger seemed to refrain from having intercourse with captive women because of their husbands being polytheists. Then Allah, Most High, sent down regarding that:” And women already married, except those whom your right hands possess (Quran 4:. 24)” (i. e. they were lawful for them when their ‘Idda period came to an end). Sahih Muslim 8:3432

I believe there is a deliberate mystical aspect to this narration — regarding the relationship between light and matter — masculine and feminine — and jihad as a kind of ego-war of perception, whose booty is the Real.

But I can’t deny that it’s an unpleasant kind of mysticism. The choice of this trope — implicitly condones rape on the battlefield. More than that — rape on the battlefield becomes a schizoid hypostatic union of Sufic Reading and the bloodthirsty primitive.

But actually I think I pretty much got it right with my Foucaultian apology. I called it “Divine irony” in the article — now I’d just call it the Religious God being a bit of a shit. Doesn’t devalue religion or revelation per se — provided we accept the Gnostic formulation that it is the Demiurge who pens it all. The True Father is above the battlefield, above the revelation, above the hypostatic union, obscured from these fragmentary schizoid rants by means of the Absent Mother, who is desired by all seekers, seers and prophets and whose unobtainable nature is the root cause of their words.



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