The One Soul Routine

What’s the meaning of the One Soul routine? The fantasy image that all mankind, that the multiplicity of human endeavor, all rolls up into, derives from, a single perfect original being/word?

It’s a vote winner, of course. An implant, a traumatic seeding of the Heads, 3 seconds into the start of the universe. We inherit that trauma and, as we sit in our temples, recognize it, are emotionally stirred by it: and we obey.

The counter-proposal? There are words/differentiation/the symbolic and there is the body (sex/the real).

The body invests its libido within words, that’s how they carry so much weight. But investment = preference and so a standard currency is posited (by prophecy), which is, inevitably, the word, the body-word ideal, so to speak (real/symbolic in perfect sanctified stasis, as opposed to evasive perversion). And the word is inevitably broken down (usually by successor mystics of greater intellectual capacity than prophecy) to a binary male-female/word ideal (the body becomes male and female, conjoined perfectly with a word that now becomes a meta-crystallization of differentiation itself).

There’s money (fetish in the symbolic), power (yesod/conduit between symbolic and physical reality) and the body (the real).


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