Stop: a tafsir

“You just walk in, I make you smile”

‘You’ is the self, in motion, moving from house to house in gilgul, extracting the truth of its temporary materialisation to effect the tikkun olam. And that self is Prophetic becoming materialised, within this son: the “you” becomes “I”. Who is “I”? Sara, who smiles a smile that spans the four aeons (Nasut Makakut jabarut lahut). Her smile is the Son of rebirth (the Self reemerging into the next world/house/orb/sign/repair): Issac.

“It’s cool but you don’t even know me
You take an inch, I run a mile”

The divine Shekhina Sophia: she is elusive as much as she is present, the presence of God (who is “I”?) in relation to the infusion of God (who are “you”?).

“Can’t win, you’re always right behind me”

Closer to “me” than my jugular vein.

“And we know that you could go and find some other”

Allah/Chi/Self wills what it wills, inhabits and embodies what it wills, discards what it wills, elevates what it wills.

At a deeper level: this movement is always to “some other” – Binah, the absent womb of god, imagined.

“Take or leave it or just don’t even bother
Caught in a craze, it’s just a faze
Or will this be around forever?”

Its a binary logic of the eternal/temporary. This is the evasion of truth within signs, signs housing truth.

“Don’t you know it’s going too fast?
Racing so hard you know it won’t last”

This is capitalism, valuative work, life – illusion, mara, the material, the temporary nature of ego existence.

“Don’t you know, why can’t you see?”

Now the self is embedded within the middle of the song, within the qliphot of the text, the text (garment) asks of its inhabitant: know! See!

“Slow it down, read the sign so you know
Just where you are going”

Gnosis is extracted in instantaneous self reflexive velocity.

“Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with the human touch”

And the self of God is Imagined/crucified now “in the image of God”, as the primordial Human, Christ, the Insan Kamil.

“Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun”

Slow down to the instantaneous measure of Christ, who exists as a window into the mind of God, right here, right now. Its a humorous gesture, playful – a cosmic peekaboo. Crucifixion = rebirth = jugular vein = god all along.

“And we know that you could go and find some other”

The self inhabits what it wills, Allah chooses whomever he chooses, destroys gives life to embodies discards realises whatever he wills.

“Take or leave it ’cause we’ve always got each other”

The dialectic of taking/placing: the lower legs of the circuit. These realise a diamond, wherein Elohim/the Quranic
“we” assert in self affirming tawhid “We’ve always got each other [in unity]”.

“You know who you are and yes, you’re gonna break down”

The realisation, the ultimate realisation: it’s entry into matter, the complete break down of light into the darkened mirror, Eris, the goddess of chaos, infinite Cantorian difference.

“You’ve crossed a line so you’re gonna have to turn around”

Transgression: each soul has its lowest depth of embodiment and then ascends back to Madina, as the Prophet said.

“Don’t you know it’s goin’ too fast?
Racing so hard you know it won’t last
Don’t you know, why can’t you see?
Slow it down, read the sign so you know
Just where you are going

Gotta keep it down honey, lay your back on the line
‘Cause I don’t care about the money, don’t be wasting my time
You need less speed, get off my case
You gotta slow it down baby, just get out of my face”

From honey/aselic realm into differentiation/capital/”money”: this is time. Instantaneous measure = Christ = “get out of my face”: all that remains is the face.


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