The Absolute and the Exception

In order to believe in an Absolute, there is always a necessarily repressed Exception. Truth can only become Absolute through the repression of its dual opposite, a Singular Exception.

In cases where Absolute Truth involves peoples (rights of collectives), the Singular Exception often emerges in the form of a transcendentally divine human embodiment. The Exception lurks below the collective surface of the Absolute and then breaks out, like a dream, into a human personage. This is the nature of Messianism and also of Stalinism.

Hence we find a good recent example in the Left.

The modern Left believes absolutely in a politics in which a sexual Marxism is part and parcel of the ultimate the political ideal: the absolute destruction of the capitalist masters involves the eradication of sexually abusive mastery as well. All slaves own the means of production: the workers of the machines, the women of their bodies. This is the Absolute Truth: there’s no 50 shades of grey here.

Yet this Absolute Truth requires a Singular Exception to event be thought. Absolute control of the means to production for the Collective: this cannot even be thought unless the thinker opposes this in relation to a Singular Worker, above the Collective, who divests supreme control to himself alone, for the good of the Collective (he’s still a worker, not a master). Absolute rights of the women to their bodies: this cannot be considered by the Left Mind to be absolute without repressing the possibility of a Singular Supreme Leftist (a fellow comrade, from amongst their collective, yet apart from them) who can take an exception to these rights.

Absolute belief represses this Singular Exception — but repression always becomes manifest in the Symbolic — embodied with strange emotive investment, libido crystallized in the strangest of figures. This is required, like dreaming, to facilitate the psychological sustainability of an Absolute Truth. It doesn’t undermine this Truth — it sustains the Absolute, through release, crystallized into a kind of doublethink. The Absolute requires a bastard to be the Divine Exception to the Rule of Righteousness.

Other examples, beyond the far Left and the Collective/Singular instantiating of our theorem would be the (individual) racist who hates all blacks, but admires Michael Jordan as the exception (“he’s not really black”). He cannot be a racist, were it not for his admiration of the sportsman. Or the middle class Englishman who is uncomfortable with Roma people living next door to him, but has no problem playing Django Reinhardt records at his dinner parties. His discomfort is not possible were it not for his love of the guitarist. Or the religious cult member who insists on modesty in sexual activity for all the cult — with the exception of the cult leader himself, who may take who he wishes as wives because “God gives different rules for the leader”. There cannot be an absolute rule of religious modesty without the leader being granted exception to this rule.

And the exception is always transcendental, divine, prophetic. It’s emergence is ecstatic for the believers — there is an ecstasy in doublethink — derived from the investment they have made in the Absolute, that feeds back into, and strengthens (not undermining) their Absolute belief in that which the Singular excepts itself from.

This is very different from hypocrisy, which is more a characteristic of the Right. There, things are spoken as if they were meant — but, in reality, they are a deliberate deception in order to achieve a known aim. (An example of a a conservative government manipulating the working classes to go against their own interests by harping on anti-immigration platform. The government isn’t really racist — it’s just a stance to achieve an aim — the passivity of the working class and the strengthening of control.)

What’s the alternative?

The alternative is not to believe in an Absolute Truth. Rather, to accept there are flows, relativities, different metric spaces, through which the human body/mind complex flows. We are all Alice, growing bigger and smaller relative to different rates of measure in space and time.

Alice, in her continual reconfiguration: she displaces the prophetic/religious leader/Supreme Worker as our crystallization. She is Chi, Flow, Shekhina, the Goddess running her fingers through form and matter.

Alice is what should be adored: adored through becoming Her, through knowing Her as you know yourself.

No more Leftist Absolutes and Exceptions or Rightwing forms of hypocrisy. Being, the Fermind: unfolding, rising, falling, growing, shrinking, speaking, silent, sad, joyful.


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