The Reading: Compensation

Soul spectrum, inscribed is doubling of cosmology’s obliteration: Delivery for Delivery, Priesthood for Priesthood, Shekhina for Shekhina. But of the ancestry branch, deletes and compensates, reinvents and traces. Within this is, was, will be, the presence of YHWH, the Mercy of the Father, present. The forces existing below doubling and bifurcation, they are shells, left behind.

The verses concerning compensation lay out a metaphysics of karmic cause-and-effect between this life and the next. Each crime and violation upon the body (our body or a collective body of people) is mapped isomorphically to the next, according to the record of deeds.

But between one brother branch and the other, at the point of (poetic) separation, there is means of compensation, deleting the sin from the “receiver” (cosmology) and adding wealth to the “deliverer” (cosmology).

What is the wealth given to the deliverer? It is understanding, gnosis, enlightenment, transmitted from the brother node to the brother node, just as much as doubling of the soul spectrum is replication of the truth across lives.

The nature of this compensation is a causal relationship between this world and bifurcations of the soul within the next incarnation. It is about the soul spectrum, but how the spectrum separates, branches of its tree. Compensation is not about this world “of the dead” but of the next world of the Living. Hence:

And in compensation the Way (Allah), children of the WOMB, that you may become Conduit.


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