The metamodel and chaos

The successor verse concerns the metamodel and chaos: it succeeds the signs of action, of return, and of flight.

The believer transforms, that fly between regimes, and action following the Prime Cause (WOMB), the Mercy (Father). YHWH is WOMB and Father. They (Elohim, the orbs) ask (transmit upward) you (Prophecy) about the metamodel (above) and chaos (below). ‘Between them is randomness and value, randomness exceeding value.’ And they (Elohim, the orbs) ask you (the Godhead) what should disperse (into the creation). Say, ‘The excess’ (of the Father’s Love). Thus the Way purifies the signs (of the world, the fragments of the orbs shattered by excess dispersal) that you might be Thought (you = Arm Leg Leg Arm Head).

The relation is that action, return and flight itself are all breath-soul movements from one sign regime to another (and back again, in oscillation). The shattering of a regime to prepare a clear path for this. The breath-soul movement is transmigration, in essence, and takes place in the fourth aeon of the metamodel. This aeon is one of excess, the excess of Love, like wine overflowing: the metamodel always intoxicates with its excess of potential, its surplus of meaning (from which our reality of chaos derives, from the catastrophe of the orbic shattering).

Action derives from the metamodel: true action breaks one model and creates another. This action is intoxication-possibility: all things are permitted. Excess. And this excess shatters the orbs, and the excess of Love falls into matter, into chaos.

Therefore: each action a miniature shattering, mirroring the primordial shattering of the orbs. Working within a space of transmigration between shells, lines of flight out from one sign regime to another, from one life-game to another life-game. Each action operates according to the question: what shall we disperse (the fractal microscopic orbs within ask). And each action operates in accord with the Divine response: excess, excess. And the Way passes through them, intoxicated, shattering, into chaos. And then “you” are Thought, you, the Arm, the Leg, the Leg, the Arm, the Head.


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