The Reading: Weaning

Little face, each universe, emerges from within the WOMB replicants, by the diamond dialectic, by receipt and request enfolded within. The Father (who is Wisdom) is bestowal into Her attentive Understanding, a bestowal that forms. Transparent veil, over the little face, microcosmically a rainbow formation of Wisdom, to the eye, transparent. The Mother-Father waveform precedes the successor resonance, withdrawal/impossibility. The successor totem is resemblance. The impossible withdrawal is a function of interlock, the Mother Face to the Father Face. And the WOMB totem is replicated across the streams of valuation, so that Her milk hbecomes transparent within the little face, microcosmically a rainbow formation of Understanding (Absence). And fear, looking up into Love, and Love, becoming knowing, and knowing, a Thought, knowing, every action you create.

Still within the context of disconnection, this verse concerns the emergence of the “legs” of the little face, the self-as-productivity. These are the negotiated diamond dialectic between Request/Priesthood and Receipt/Delivery, as experienced within the immanent space of differentiation (their negotiation are the means by which reception of the Bride Shekhina is married to the light of the Husband Prophecy).

Their emergence is a resonance of the primordial image of the Mother-Father waveform, interlocking, embracing. The Wisdom of the Father distilled into the Understanding of the Mother. They are face to face, never looking downward, and therefore what they create is an impossibility, impossible forms (the orbs), impossibility that arises from withdrawal (the Womb is withdrawal, the waveform is fantasy). The orbs are the primordial impossibility, that are then replicated across all humans, all lives, by virtue of the fragmentation.

And so the little face (primordial and successor) is created, resonating the Love of the fantasized parents, impossibly.

This emergence is dependent on the milk of Understanding, which is sourced from the WOMB of the Mother goodness (absolute alterity, absence, withdrawal. Substitute WOMB totems are permitted here, not in fixation, but because that desired “lack” of the Mother is a multiplicity of substitution within each life, miniature, microcosmic lacks spanning every fabric, every kind of garment, every kind of life.


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