Violence and religious distinction

Violence is integral to all dualities. A duality is grounded on a repressed desire to self harm, the death drive.

When the decent members of a religion see their brothers being violent in the name of their God, their reaction is often “These are not really true believers of our religion, they don’t understand its message of peace, they are a tiny minority that the media uses to sensationalize and stereotype our way of life.”

But physical violence is a necessary corollary of the duality between “believer” from “disbeliever”, that all religions impose upon the self as body. These regimes take the human body — and embody their creed upon it — marking it out, physically attaching bio-informatic interfaces upon it. These interfaces connect the physical biology of the human body to forms of information, so that faith can be embodied, lived out. Each interface depends on duality to operate: “belief” and “disbelief”, morality and immorality, heaven and hell. This physical attachment, this crucifixion of the body by information: it is an act of violence against the body, the violence of religion’s formation.

Thus flesh is transformed into “us” and “them”, by religion: the first act of violence. For a physical, biological believer to be born, the flesh needs the “belief”/”disbelief” to be (violently) attached to the body, like a tattoo or circumcision rite.

The physical trauma of this primal act is then repressed (Freud’s point that the congregation commits murder and then forms its organization as a cover-up). It needs to be repressed, so that the interface can operate effectively: so that the believer can embody a religion that privileges a state of belief as superior to one of disbelief, so that the religion can be practiced — not intellectually — but physically enacted — so that the religion can be acted, unconsciously, not thought, not reflected upon. The body operates in a state of belief, by virtue of the bio-informatic interface that connects the physical nature of the body to the informational realm of the concept of belief.

But the repressed energy of that interfaces original placement bubbles up, re-emerges: it’s a release of the energy expended in the cultural-genetic experiment that generated “believers”, the crucifixion of the body by bio-informatic attachment.


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