Religious Rage

There is a particular religious response to provocative acts of blasphemy, a particular mode of placating the unruly flock as it bays for blood.

“Brethren, now is not the time. Remember the virtue of our Signifier, who was patient in the face of ridicule. It was only after gaining the kingdom that our Signifier brought the blasphemers to justice.”

In other words, you gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold them. Be tactical: think about the end game, the kingdom.

Curtailing your rage in favour of an end game: this doesn’t do anything to rid us of bloodlust. The bloodthirsty mob is transformed into a more reflective group of vampires. “It’s still daylight, so patience, my pretties. When darkness descends, then will we sup!” If anything, this deferred lust for a nirvana of purification is more sinister (if not more dangerous).

Of course, from a business perspective, patience, tactical analysis and goal setting are important to win the game.

There is one question: Whose game are you playing? And God help you if you don’t understand the question!


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