Sealing and the Day of Atonement

Exemplary Tailorite doctrine from a few years’ back, when the interface between myself, Judaism and Islam was at its zenith:

  • The blessing between Jews on yom kippur is gmar chatimah tova, meaning “finishing [inscription] of the sealing [be] good”.
  • Muhammed is known as the khatam of the nabis — the “seal of prophets”.
  • Prophecy is inscription, holy being unfolding across the symbolic plane. Unfolding/inscription of life is temporal, and its trope is the calendar, representative of the cycles of reincarnation.
  • The symbolic plane is a feminine body, and her inscription (prophecy) has its seasons, its pleasures, its generative capacity, its autumn and its adha (pain), its menstruation and cycles of cleansing.
  • And at the beginning and ending of each cycle, there is a seal. Sealing is this act of cleansing, atonement for the misprison of cultural-religious (situated) Divine inscription, atonement for the holy lie. (At the same time, the atonement is the lie, the hurt, because it marks Divinity thrown, the original catastrophe of the primordial tablets, shattered, now replaced by an earthly, materialised/cultural inscription, the second religious law given to Prophecy.) Atonement is the inscription, remembered as God becoming, unfolding: but through the misprison/hurt of language’s lie. And this form of reflection is fully realised through discarding the kleppot/shards, the fragments through which inscription passes, and redefining the Divine transmission machine. Atonement = cleansing/reboot of the interface to Shekhina.
  • The sealing of prophets is the sealing of the inscription, at atonement/reboot/cleansing — exactly that which is referred to in the blessing. Gmar chatimah tova.
  • The day of yom kippur is the day in which the micro-Muhammedean principle marks the cycle of Reading, the sealing is fixed upon a particular cycle of becoming. He is the end of the cycle and the beginning. He, the last, becomes Adam, the first. The first and the last principle, at the end and beginning of Shekhina’s cycle of Reading.

There’s much that’s wrong with telling Muslims that their Prophet is a day in the cosmic calendar of Shekhina’s body, or telling Jews that Muhammed is the meaning of their blessing.

Of course this is not the authentic religious or historical meaning of Muhammed. To suggest what I suggested is to invoke righteous Muslim rage, deservedly: it’s an act of stupidity on the part of the speaker to make such claims to Muslims, to those who speak Muslim-ese. If you want to communicate to a group, learn to speak their language, their semantics — don’t provoke a people by creating your own semantics to fit their syntax.

Nevertheless, from my perspective, within my own language, across the body of the woman I love, there is inscription, and atonement, and cycles and a sealing. So gmar chatimah tova, to you, ALLAH (Arm Leg Leg Arm Head), becoming.


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