Race and truth

Race is something people have a natural emotional reaction to: when race is insulted, people react emotionally. Certainly a moral reaction. But what’s beneath that reaction? A primal fear/defense mechanism, to protect the tribe, to preserve the blood from attack. It’s a physical emotion.

Religion is race, conflated with symbolism. It elicits the same gut reaction – the defense mechanism – because symbol is conflated with body. Defend the body symbolic against attack: defend the cyborg against attack.

The symbolic, separated from the body, is a space of mathematical truth. The equation 1 + 2 = 3 is a mathematical truth, as is “7 succeeds 6”. Mathematical truths are universal – but not in a religious sense: the symbolic is a space of relativities (there are an infinite number of different logics, of different spaces, of counter intuitive numbering systems, depending on axiomatization). Mathematical truths are universal, self-relativized truth.

People do not riot over a YouTube video of someone denying “3 – 2 = 1”.

But once these numbers are conflated with the body, the mathematical subject becomes a cyborg, becomes information conjoined with flesh, and then there is a religious reaction to blasphemy.

A religious, emotional reaction to symbolic denial is only ridiculous for people whose info-flesh connection is different from that of the rioter. Like the spurious story of the Pythagorean who committed suicide at the blasphemy of irrational numbers.

Information and flesh have other, non religious ways of interacting.

In this blog we’ve mostly experimented with second order fetishization, where the Muslim body is suppressed (out of desire for it as a lost orient) and the symbolism is apparently free of it (“X = that verse doesn’t really mean beat your wife, it means read X, this sentence”), but is treated like a body, a proxy for the desired (foreign, oriental) body. That’s the position of the Cyborgtailor.

Another possibility is the body of the universal algebraist: who explores different systems of truth, plugging his body into one, then another. From Eucludean to Reimann, from classical to deontic logic.

Another model is to seek the sublime behind a particular set of equations, where equations themselves are made flesh. To find God in the body of the inscription: “1 + 2 + 6 + 1 = 10”.


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