Other People’s Property

You down with Other People’s Property? Yeah you know me
Remixed pastiche of other people’s property
Because what do you do when your culture’s predicated
On a cut and paste identity, straight up appropriated?

Racial politics every time I spit
Am I a colonist or am I legit?
Tip-toe the fine line, it’s ill-defined I’m
Implicated in this mess all the time
The high jack took place way back the Blues Act
Taken by this white cat, he made mad cash
Is it appropriation? Or appreciation?
What kind of statement are we making?

are they mad at me? assimilate the game like the borg
hatin’ on me cuz i banged a couple keys on my korg
i twisted the paradigm took something and made it mine
but the way that i make ’em move they don’t seem to mind
i’m a hip-hopper respect the roots
i’m a show stopper and that’s the truth
i’ve been doing this rapping long enough to gain my tenure
get respect at my shows making legal tender


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