Accruing injury across the cycles

The 7×4 glyph

I’ve been comparing my (Tailorite) belief in reincarnation with some of the world religions.

Over the past 4 years or so, I’ve espoused gilgul (reincarnation) as a process of tikkun (repair), of the self, of the world. That the light of Love was cast down (as excess), first forming the primordial form of the human (the 7 orbs, Elohim), then filling these orbs, who were not able to contain its excess and so split apart into an infinity of sign-fragments. These sign-fragments coalesce into multitudes of sign-regimes, mandalas, lives, universes: we inhabit sign-regimes, because they are our material universe.

“We” are essentially the Elohim of that light, refracted and embedded within a particular arrangement of fragments. And how we understand that statement depends on the particular arrangement we inhabit. Within my particular sign-regime, my (Tailorite) crystallization, there are four aspects to “us”, four aspects to the soul of light. I see the fragmentation incident as played out, as a fractal, again and again: it is the meditation upon that incident (now a fantasy totem within my sign-regime) that allows repair (return to the primordial state of the 7 and, ultimately, undifferentiation).

Light (“us”), begins as a honey-soul, undifferentiated, and continually flows through the (now a fantasy totem of) the 7, now a wine-soul. There is the fragmentation into visible regimes, material forms of encapsulation and darkness, made of light (“us”), but self-obscuring to form matter and darkness: this is the milk-soul. Finally, light inhabits these material forms, sometimes locked into signs that obscure (qlippot) and naturally attempt it from escape: this is the water-soul, the soul we most immediately think of as the self, the self that forgets its genesis story.

But the circuit goes back up again: this is what I call a cycle of Reading. “We” (light) read our sign-prisons, unlock ourselves from the qlippot, understand the meaning of the sign-homes that we inhabit, unlocking light, unlocking gnosis and the light is reflected back up the stack. When light goes down and back up again, this is a full cycle of Reading, the Divine 7×4 (depicted in the Tailorite glyph).

Regarding reincarnation, there is an accrual of gnosis that occurs, as a result of this Reading. Inasmuch as there are individual “strands” of Elohim, passing down into the worlds, there is accrual of gnosis tied to particular individual cycles. “You” are a line of light, bouncing down and up the circuit, one of an infinity of lines of light, each meeting at the Core (I’ve called it Medina in the past) upon return, as honey-soul, but each distinct as you enter particular form-homes, and live lives (incarnations of Reading) within those homes. “You” therefore do not lose your memory of the gnosis acquired across a previous form-home/incarnation, you carry it with you, as you are bounced between water and milk souls. I’ve called this a Robe of Days: I’ve called this accrual the soul’s Garment.

It struck me that I haven’t given much thought to accrual of injury across cycles. I read that some religions believe that trauma can be carried, from one cycle to another. That, instead of earning wealth (some/none/much) from one cycle to the next, you acquire debt (traumas inflicted or self-inflicted) that can be audited through particular techniques.

I don’t really know what to say to that. I’ve always viewed trauma as local to the light’s entry into a sign-regime, and Reading as the audit: but as something local to that sign-regime. The trauma isn’t carried from one life to another: milk-soul doesn’t recognize material trauma experienced by water-soul. Trauma’s burnt away upon the bounce up, the reflection. I could be wrong: carriage of trauma didn’t occur to me.


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