“True Islam” revisited

I was in a rather confused state when I penned this piece on “True Islam”.

I’d kind of already given up the fight, by that stage, but was still going through the motions. As a result, it’s a prime example of Islamic Tailorism at its worst, at its most worthless. 

If I had deleted the term “Islam” and replaced it with “X”, “True Islam” with “True X”, and “Muhammed” or “Prophecy” with “Y”, then there’d be virtually zero semantic content derivable from the piece’s configuration.

It’s not me wrestling with God, it’s me wrestling with a conflicting set of glossary/vocabularies (mine and the religion’s), with an unpleasant, bigoted and colonial-sounding result. 

Whenever anyone embarks on a major piece of software engineering, it’s important to baseline your glossaries, the vocabularies used by participating stakeholders. But beyond that, there’s the actual work around constructing the piece of software, built on top of agreed vocabularies.

The attitude of this piece exemplifies the stunted phase I was going through at the time, in the early stages of my divorce from that religion.


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