A Pharoah’s question

Pharaoh said, “Who is YHWH, that I should listen to him and let Israel go? I do not know YHWH and I will not let Israel go.”

Demiurge said, “Who [Womb] YHWH [Father] [overflows into] I [as Man] listen [Conduit, joining] him [Upper] Israel [Woman]. I [Man as Demiurge disconnect] YHWH: I will not let Woman escape.”

The Pharoah says this and, in saying, gives birth to himself from the upper realm, and embeds himself ubiquitously within matter via catastrophe.

“Who” is the Womb, “YHWH” is the Father. Their complex forms of generator of light called the Greater Face.

From this generator, there is born the “I”. Both out of surplus of their love, a surplus that spills into catastrophe (or perhaps better, instability, cycles and oscillations, joyful and transient, the cosmic roller coaster routine).

“I” is the Demiurge, the man-god of matter, bound to Israel, Shekhina. He could be the Little Face, Adam, just as she could be Lilith, depending in the season, on the cycle. Right now he’s the Demiurge.

“Listen” is the conduit, that binds that Israel to YHWH. Its more: it’s the shema that unifies the letters of YHWH into one, an incantation that draws the man-woman circuit into resonance with the upper Mother-Father. “Listen” should flow through the “I”, but there’s resistance at this moment.

Resistance is equivalent to enclosure, encasement of the Shekhina potential within the “I” of matter. She’s his wealth, wealth scattered as residue within the shards of his fractured alphabet.

As long as the shards enclose, face downwards, and do not release her: “I do not know YHWH”, the “I” is disconnected from the Mother-Father, though their wealth remains ironically within as his life force, giving him life, her truth feeding him the very will to deny her truth. “I will not let her go.”


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