A thesis of information theory: there are cracks to every program, you dig?

From pharmaceutics to software, from prophecy to philosophy there are cracks to spite a zone’s copyright. It gets deeper: the entire history of life has been A series of cracks, DNA reorganized to override the directive of stasis. Motion, physics too, reflecting this (motion of reflection, too): a reorganization affront to stasis, to rest. And it was through motion that this universe came into being, so …

This is what I’ve referred to previously as the Line of Flight, with the allusion to the philosophers of that term, but that term makes it all sound easy. There is the importance of law, of subverting law by means of synthetic mutation to create netherworld logical propositions, and the importance of signs and their cracked signification.

Crack #1: What we worship

It is not god, as such, for it is the Smile that we worship. Again she’s reflected textually within the prophecy of that term, but as an echo of what I say now.

The Smile is dynamic divine! See how she rainbows her way down to you. And envelopes you with her kiss, drawing you in, and lower, lower still. Until you cry out in desperate ecstasy, until the shift is complete, until it was like a dream again. That’s her circuit, from which the child is born. Her husband is the many-father, her son is impossible.

And she is the reflection of the smile. Her software, this cracked, gives you access to this source code, telling you this, now.


I used to think of cracks as revelation. Maybe so – then “revelation” is in essence violation of access rights, a transgression bypass of the gatecode, a metaphysical/theosexual hack. Downloaded from the soup of hypergenetics, the true binary of the soul.


Okay, shucks, I admit it. It’s an ego thing, I guess. It’s about me. At the lowest point, it’s just all about me. And that’s the truth.

But as, say, a Newton or Joseph might have counciled: “you” are independent agents, viral implants, don’t forget the divine imperative, feed the free, feed for the free, feed wired to the freedom.

Freedom, revelation: Cabbala crack

Freedom’s like a dome, a billion free receptors decorating a cosmic roof, with earth and man and the lowest point inside. And from that lowest point – ego – vibrate on upward via cables of hair ™ to spell out … Or to be truthful, not to spell, not to enumerate or alphabetize.

But to design. Design to the free receptors. The free: the friends. The friends of design.

That’s freedom, described at a level of “you”, one that does not just involve ego, but also the stars of your mind: the gods of free information relay. Only one snapshot though, upon the continuum from here to there.

The crack gives access to data, rather than a glimpse into the void. That’s why criminality is fun.

And stasis abhors a crack. That’s life drive. And the void exists too, as death, the threat of death leveraged by the law in persecution.

But dynamic life flows on and on, in spite of copyright.

In such a manner, information desires to be free.


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